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Journal Article
Whose Biobank? Should Biobanks Serve Research Interests or the Needs for Personalized Medicine? Analysis of the Hungarian Law
Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers
Sándor, J. 2017
Book Chapter
Managing the Environment: Neoliberal Governmentality in the Anthropocene
Sustainability and Peaceful Coexistence for the Anthropocene
Lawrence, J. 2017
Journal Article
Generic or Specific? The Frames of Stem Cell Procurement Regulation in Europe
Varju, M., & Sándor J. 2017
Az én molekulám: Bioetika és emberi jogok a XXI. század elején
L' Harmattan
J., S. 2016
Refugees - Oxford Bibliographies in International Law
Lawrence, J., & Amaya Castro J. 2016
Book Chapter
EU Copyright Law Between Property and Fundamental Rights: a Proposal to Connect the Dots
Balancing Copyright Law in the Digital Age. Comparative Perspectives
Sganga, C. 2015
Book Chapter
The Right to Culture and Copyright: Participation and Access
Edward Elgar Publishing
Research Handbook on Human Rights and Intellectual Property
Sganga, C. 2015
Magazine Article
Venture into the future of privacy
ELSA Synergy Magazine
Irion, K. 2015
Working Paper
A csődstigma, a második esély mentalitás és a csődjog viszonyáról - amit az összehasonlító jog sugall
MTA Társadalomtudományi Kutatóközpont Jogtudományi Intézet
Tajti, T. 2015
Book Chapter
Az indokolt ítélethez való jog és az esküdtszéki rendszer (The Right to a Reasoned Judgement and the Jury System)
ELTE - Eötvös Kiadó
A büntető hatalom korlátainak megtartása: a bűntetés mint végső eszköz: Tanulmányok Gönczöl Katalin tiszteletére.
Bárd, K. 2014
Journal Article
A vádlottak jogai és az áldozatok érdekei-megteremthető a harmónia?
Belügyi Szemle
Bárd, K. 2014
Conference Proceedings
Legal Aspects of EU-China Trade Relations
China & Europe Conference Booklet
Conference Proceedings
Management by Sun Zi and Confucius – Doing business with Chinese partners
2nd International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship
Book Chapter
The Double Face of Janus: or How CEE Entrepreneurs Can Use Intellectual Property Rights Smartly
CEU Press
Free Market in Its Twenties. Business Decision-Making in Central and Easter Europe Two Decades After Communism’s Fall
Sganga, C. 2014
Journal Article
Could Continental Europe adopt a Uniform Commercial Code Article 9-type Secured Transactions System? The Effects of the Differing Legal Platforms
Adelaide Law Review
Tajti, T. 2014
Journal Article
The Court of Justice and the Data Retention Directive in Digital Rights Ireland – Telling Off the EU Legislator and Teaching a Lesson in Privacy and Data Protection
European Law Review
Granger, M. P., & Irion K. 2014
Journal Article
Cracking the Citadel Walls. A Functional Approach to Cosmopolitan Property Models Within and Beyond National Property Regimes
Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law
Sganga, C. 2014
Journal Article
Italian Law in Hungary
Anonima romana editoriale
Annuario di diritto comparato e di studi legislative
Tajti, T. 2014
Journal Article
Right to Health and the human Organ: A Right as a Consequence?
Sandor, J. 2014
Book Chapter
The Structural Logic of Expert Participation in WTO Decision-Making Processes
The Role of 'Experts' in International and European Decision-Making Processes: Advisors, Decision Makers or Irrelevant Actors?
Lawrence, J. 2014
Book Chapter
To share or not to share your door status on Facebook
Pabst Publisher
Public Engagement in Organ Donation and Transplantation
Sándor, J., Frunza M., Demény E., & Ioan B. 2013
Book Chapter
The Multiplicity of Norms: The Bioethics and Law of Stem Cell Patents
Palgrave Macmillan
The Global Dynamics of Regenerative Medicine: A Social Science Critique
Sándor, J., & Varjú M. 2013
Book Chapter
Débats juridiques et éthiques sur la vie digne et sur l’euthanasie en Hongrie
Les proches et la fin de vie médicalisée
Sándor, J. 2013
Journal Article
When and Why is the Rubberstamp of the European Union Insufficient? - Caveats to Systems on the Road towards the European Union
Zbornik Pravnog Fakulteta u Zagrebu
Tajti, T. 2013
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