Tibor Tajti

Chair of the International Business Law Program
Acting Head of the Department of Legal Studies
A nemzetközi üzletjogi program vezetője
Nador u. 11
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+36 1 327-3275
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LL.M. Int. Business Law, CEU
LL.B. Univ. of Novi Sad Law School
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Professor Tibor Tajti received his S.J.D. and LL.M. degrees from Central European University and his LL.B. from the Law School of the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. He teaches currently at the Legal Studies Department and he has been teaching for eight years as well as the Business School of the Central European University.
Professor Tajti has also worked as a corporate counsel and as the head of the foreign trade department in a corporation with extensive international connections (focus on Anglo-Saxon countries). While on this position, he was a member of a joint venture in Ukraine and has been involved in negotiations with Western partners. Main areas of interest: comparative secured transactions law, comparative securities law, products liability and international dispute settlement. He has recently published his textbook in English entitled Comparative Secured Transactions Law (see: http://www.amazon.com or http://www.akkrt.hu). He was also the co-editor of the two-volume collection Investing in South Eastern Europe - Foreign Direct Investment in the Stability Pact Countries, awarded with the Dr. Elemer Hantos prize for fostering co-operation in Central and Eastern Europe (see: http://www.hantosprize.org). His latest work - devoted to the Central and Eastern European region - is The Case Law of Central and Eastern Europe - Enforcement of Contracts, Two Volumes (co-edited with Prof. Stefan Messmann).

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Academic/research topics: 
International Business Law
Comparative secured transactions law
capital markets and securities regulation
bankruptcy law
regulation of business
law and development/growth; reform of law.
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Hungarian (native)
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English (excellent)
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Serbo-Croatian (native)
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German (fair)
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French (basic)

Courses taught by Tibor Tajti

Law for Small and Mid-Scale Start Up Enterprises 2013/2014
Legal Aspects of Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance 2010/2011
Public Law for Business Lawyers
Comparative Bankruptcy Law
Capital Markets and Securities Regulation
Comparative Secured Transactions
Contracts - Introduction with Focus on Common Law
Capital Markets and Securities Regulation (cont.)
Introduction to Law and Legal Systems 2009/2010


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Conference Paper
Tajti, T.. "Neglected Challenges of Law in the 21st Century: Focus on Post-Socialist Central Europe." In The Milestones of Law in the Area of Central Europe 2013, 1014-1026. Bratislava: Comenius School of Law, 2013.
Journal Article
Tajti, T.. "Franchise and Contract Asymmetry: A Common Trans-Atlantic Agenda?" Loyola of Los Angeles International & Comparative Law Review 37, no. 2 (2015): 245-273.
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Working Paper