Identity, Gender and Human Rights

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Restricted Elective
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Master of Arts in Human Rights
Renáta Uitz
Eszter Polgari

The working title of the course was 'Sexing Human Rights' which probably would have reflected more directly, though more provocatively, our subject: the problems of sexuality as reflected in contemporary human rights and constitutional discourse. Following a brief introduction to theories making sense of sexuality for the purposes of human rights discourse (including but not limited to natural law approaches, liberal theories and queer theory), the course will tackle controversial and sensitive subjects related to heterosexual, lesbian, gay, queer, transgender and transsexual ways of living. We track the expression, display or tracing of gender identity across many contexts, taking into account legal, sociological, medical and psychological considerations. The course provides a perfect opportunity to explore the boundaries of contemporary human rights discourse, theory and practice. Due to the sensitivity and complexity of the subjects to be covered, all participants are requested to be particularly respectful of views and opinions expressed during the course.

Participants will be required to submit short essays, and will also be invited to participate in mediated advocacy projects and group exercises. Assessment will be based on in class participations, various in-class assignments (oral and written) and a short final research essay on a topic of their choice.