Human Rights in the Developing World

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Restricted Elective
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Master of Arts in Human Rights
Charlotte Steinorth

The course aims to explore the relevance of human rights law to the priorities of peoples living in the global South. Following a critical engagement with the very term ‘developing world’ we will explore the cultural significance of human rights in Non-Western societies and examine particular human rights challenges affecting the lives of human beings in the Southern Hemisphere. Substantive issues addressed in the course include the right to development, the promotion of democracy and good governance, the scope of social and economic rights, the role of multinational corporations and the relationship between human rights and climate change. The course seeks to provide participants with an overview of key human rights issues in the developing world and to encourage critical and reflective understanding of contemporary debates in the field of global justice.
Assessment will be by way of class participation (10%), one interactive class assignment (20%) and a closed book exam (70%).