Critical Perspectives on Human Rights

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Restricted Elective
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Master of Arts in Human Rights
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Master of Laws in Human Rights
Charlotte Steinorth

While the (success) story of human rights has generally been celebrated as one of moral progress, a growing body of critical literature is challenging this dominant narrative pointing to the limits and shortcomings of the human rights project. The course will explore diverse critiques of the contemporary human rights regime and highlight ambivalences and blind spots of human rights scholarship and practice. Through engagement with key texts of legal theorists and scholars of other disciplines the course invites reflection on the promise and limits of human rights as a tool for emancipation and empowerment. The course requires students to actively engage with challenging texts and to critically examine orthodox beliefs.
Assessment will be by way of class participation (10%) and one written assignment (90%). The written assignment will consist of a 3000-4000 word essay.
This course is restricted to 12 students.