The Right to Liberty and Prisoners' Rights

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LEGS 5155
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29 Mar 2010 - 21 Apr 2010
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Department of Legal Studies
Károly Bárd

The course will present an overview of the jurisprudence on article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and article 5 of the European Human Rights Convention. Following the discussion on the case law defining personal liberty and deprivation thereof the cases of permissible detention shall be presented. The course will extend to the analysis of the rationales and possible justifications of deprivation of liberty as a criminal sanction, further to the exploration of the status of detainees and to the specific rights for persons in custody and pre-trial detention.

The course will also present the international documents, which set the standards for the treatment of prisoners and will extend to the discussion on the status and the operation of international monitoring bodies. Finally, strategies for the prevention of torture and degrading and inhuman treatment should be explored.